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Vaccine Manufacturers have ZERO Liability

In 1986 the government established the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which effectively freed all childhood vaccine manufacturers of liability when injury or death occurred from a vaccine.


Recommended Childhood Vaccine Schedule has Grown Exponentially

Since the manufacturers were freed of all liability the recommended schedule for childhood vaccinations has grown exponentially.  In 1983, 24 vaccines were administered by the age of 15. As of 2019, 72 vaccines are administered by the age of 18 years. 48 of which are administered within the first 2 years of life.

2019 schedule: 

1983 vs 2019: 

Every US Manufacturer/Supplier of Childhood Vaccines has Pled Guilty to Fraud

  • Bribery of Doctors
  • Lying to the FDA
  • Hiding Clinical Trial Data
  • Fraudulent Marketing

The products for which they CAN be held liable :


United States of America vs. Merck (2:10-CV-04374-CDJ) is a current case in which former virologists, now whistle-blowers, allege Merck falsified data with regards to the efficacy of the MMRII vaccine. 

Settlement information regarding Vioxx, after Merck was aware their drug was causing serious reactions, including death -

This MSM link shows how Merck created a "hit list" of any doctor that spoke out against their drug, Vioxx. 


Dept of Justice Press Release: GlaxoSmithKline to Plead Guilty and Pay $3 Billion to Resolve Fraud Allegations and Failure to Report Safety Data : Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in U.S. History <source document>


FBI Reports: Sanofi U.S. Agrees to Pay $109 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations of Free Product Kickbacks to Physicians 
US Senate Committee on Finance Reports: 
*Fraud in Clinical Trial of drug
Sanofi Accused Of Fraud In Clinical Trial Of Drug
*FBI reports: Two Former Pharmaceutical/Medical Technology Executives Sentenced for Their Roles in Insider Trading Scheme 


Dept of Justice Press Release: 

Lawsuit Determined HHS Unable to Provide Vaccine Safety Reports to Congress

 In the “1986 Act” it clearly lays out that Health and Human Services (HHS) is supposed to be putting a task force together at the National Institute of Health that is constantly going to be making better vaccines and HHS is going to oversee studies and testing because they have two jobs. Not just to end infectious disease, but to also end vaccine injury.  

It was written into the law that HHS was responsible for overseeing vaccine safety and was to supply a report to Congress at least every 2 years. This is what HHS dropped the ball on. It isn't that no studies were ever done. It is that HHS didn't seem to care if they were or not and never bothered to report to Congress every two years. These are the records that HHS can not supply to ICAN.  

For some reason, a lot of articles covering this are not real clear about this and are, in fact, misleading by making it seem like there are no safety studies existing for over 30 years. Repeating that can backfire, because it simply is not true and the general public can easily surmise that if we are wrong on something like this, we are probably wrong about many vaccine issues. 

US District Court Southern District of NY case document: