Our mission is to halt the agenda of Mandatory vaccination.

The people in the picture understood the importance of basic human rights/medical freedom.  They look similar to our Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination group and they're from 100 years ago.  Please be aware that if it weren't for the people of past generations taking a stand against Mandatory/ Compulsory Vaccination, we wouldn't have the freedoms we currently have today.  Now it is our responsibility to maintain our freedoms and continue to preserve these freedoms for future generations. 

It is imperative to raise the awareness and educate those who are willing to listen.   We can not continue to allow the masses to succumb to scare tactics/fear mongering and forfeit freedoms.  Once freedoms are lost, they would be near impossible to obtain again. There is a great deal at stake. 

When there is a risk, there MUST be a choice. 



Need Talking Points?

Vaccines are a very controversial topic and can be difficult to talk about with the general public. Which is why it is important to have basic, easily verifiable, truths to support your assertions. Click the button below for facts and their sources.

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A march BY the People, FOR the People.