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If you also believe in medical freedom and that it is imperative to maintain sovereignty over your body, please join us! Become part of a team filled with INFORMED people that are JUST like you! You may be surprised to find that there are individuals in your own areas, that have the same views as you! Individuals that are educating others peacefully and respectfully, reminding our representatives, as American Citizens, that WE HAVE RIGHTS! 


The vision for this sparked from personal Facebook memories, combined with all of our team's passion to protect freedoms for our children, as well as future generations. Maryellen posted a tremendous amount of info 6 years ago regarding the Millions March against Monsanto event that took place May 25, 2013. When her Facebook memories started to pop up this May, she began to dwell on how to implement that into our medical freedom movement.  Then one day, a similar topic came up in our chat group, and she shared her thoughts. Members of our chat group agreed with this vision and Millions March against Mandatory Vaccination has now become a reality.  

Maryellen Sunshine

Co-Founder & National Admin


Currently, I am a stay at home mom and wife. I left my very successful career of 13 years, to start a family.

I grew up in Southwest Detroit. I learned at a very young age that trust is earned, never given. We were taught to be skeptical of people's motives, especially when money played a role. My grandma taught me many effective home remedies, and it laid the foundation of my interest for natural and alternative medicine. 

There were several events that took place that caused me to question vaccine safety and efficacy. I came to the conclusion that vaccines aren't one size fits all.  If some people can have an adverse reaction to something as simple as a peanut, a cat, or even a plant, it would be utterly foolish to assume that a concoction of numerous chemicals injected, couldn't possibly cause harm.  Further validating that where there is a risk, there must ALWAYS be a choice.  

When the opportunity emerged to share my thoughts about implenting what Millions March against Monsanto did, with an exceptional group of like minded people, it was an exciting time.  I was happy to tell them my vision and how I felt the simplicity of empowering anyone that wanted to participate in this movement, but didn't know how, could now be included. Because all of us are important, all of us are capable of making a significant impact on raising awareness, and all of us can make a positive difference. I was even happier they agreed and were equally passionate about it. 

So I look forward to uniting on August 31st with others that want to protect their freedoms against medical mandates. We will be united across all states while safely, peacefully, respectfully, and in a law abiding manner, distributing information to help raise awareness on this paramount subject.  

Allie French

Co-Founder & National Admin


SAHM & Full-time Student - Computer Programming

I was one of the lucky ones; to be raised by the smartest woman in the world. My mother taught me early on to always ask questions, and to be responsible for oneself. I began my journey in middle school with a paper on aspartame. What was supposed to be a 3 paged paper became a 3 binder report. Since then I have done a vast amount of reading on various health topics and understand the need to question everything. My passion to research and educate was reignited when I became pregnant with our son a little over 3 years ago and further fueled by my speech class October of 2018. We were tasked to deliver several speeches for which I chose to speak about vaccines. This opportunity introduced me to an online community I'd been completely unaware of prior to. I have since been active in the online vaccine re-education community. 

Around the same time I began a group chat on Facebook with Maryellen, Maggie, Heather, Alisha, Kevin, Marianne and Heather. We have been there for each other ever since, whether for back-up on a post, help locating sources, or to simply talk about our day.

I now speak with anyone and everyone willing to listen to me: parents at the local park, the cashier at Walmart, medical professionals and chiropractors that I run into out in public or at their offices. So when the idea arose for Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination I was 100% on board. I had decided to take the summer off of school for once with the hopes of devoting my time to vaccine re-education. To be able to have an active event that could make the difference for my family's and other's future was exactly what I wanted to be doing with my time.  I have no doubt God put us on this path: a march OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people. 

Maggie Strugnell

Co-Founder & National Admin



I am a 28 year old Mother of two. I grew up in a very small town surrounded by cornfields and tractors. Our journey started a little over 8 years ago when a relative's younger child was diagnosed with autism. Questions about "Why?" were in all of our minds, but it wasn't until her next child was also diagnosed, that we really started looking into things deeper. My husband and I were still dreaming of having children one day, and wanted to make sure we were as informed as we could be. When we decided to get pregnant, our research took off. We read articles, watched documentaries  read studies, read books...the whole 9 yards. By the time our perfect girl entered the world, we knew what we would do. What we didn't know, is that we wouldn't be supported! Fast forward 5 years, add one more child, we have now been declined by more than 8 pediatricians due to our children's vaccine status (or lack there of.) We have been treated as if we are insane for wanting to keep our children safe. There was a point in time, we were afraid to speak out. Not only because we may lose some friends (and even family,) but also because we would draw attention to ourselves. That time, has ended. While I was busy fearing all of the What-ifs, "They" were busy removing exemptions, replacing them with mandates, locking down whole cities and going door to door. I will no longer fear, and instead replace that fear with STRENGTH. 

When our group chat was created and Millions March was in its beginning stage, I was SO excited to finally be able to be HEARD, to stand up for my children, and fight for the rights they dont even know they have yet. Coming from a small town, it's hard to find people that have the same views as you do. For a very long time my husband and I have felt like we're alone in this. My team here with Millions March has given me the togetherness we have long been searching for, and so much more! I have found more Moms in my area, than I ever thought I would. I have received recommendations for pediatricians and doctors that will accept my children, pure and free, the way God intended. I have grown friendships like none I've ever had. We are no longer alone in this fight! And I couldnt be happier to have you all by my side! 

It is time to push back. It is time to let those of us who physically, or financially, cannot make it to state capitals STAND UP AND MARCH for ourselves and children. It is time for THE PEOPLE to be HEARD. 

This March gives us that! 

This March reminds the pharmaceutical companies that we will no longer allow them to run our lives, for the sake of their pockets. Our children deserve to be HEALTHY. They deserve to be FREE. And we, as their parents, deserve the right to defend them, as they cannot defend themselves. I will NOT stay silent. I will no longer keep quiet out of fear. I have my tribe now, and together we WILL show them that we are DONE allowing this madness. Together, we will move mountains! We urge you to come together with us! 

Heather Ingram

Co-Founder & National Admin



I am 30 years old, and a SAHM to a 3 year old, with another on the way. We travel a lot because their father travels for work, our home base is Redford, Mi, and I am originally from Ypsilanti, Mi. 

I became aware of the issues surrounding vaccines after my son began having upper respiratory infections and ear infections, constantly. I couldn't figure out why his immune system just seemed to not be functioning very well. Once I started looking into it, there was of course no going back. I believe Allie was the first person I actually began talking with, and the rest of the admins soon after. They have become much more than "Facebook friends", and are now more like family. 

The idea for Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations came up and I thought it sounded amazing, and of course, like all of you, I wanted to do SOMETHING. Taking away our rights, to ourselves or our children, is NOT okay, but they will not stop trying unless we all fight this, together! 

Heather Young

Co-Founder & National Admin


I currently work from home for the largest online wellness company in America. I am blessed to be able to stay home with my children and be able to home school two of my 4 boys. I have been speaking out about vaccine injury awareness for about 6 years now.

I was completely unaware of the dangers of vaccines until my now 11 year old was vaccine injured. I am almost embarrassed to admit that all of my life I actually thought that the only ingredient in a vaccine was the dead virus. 

After his first MMR vaccine, we began to see him regress. He went from saying his first word at 6 months old, to completely non verbal by the time he was 3.  He wouldn't let me rock him anymore, he lost his words, his communication, started pointing at things instead of asking for them. He stopped saying mama and daddy, he lost eye contact and would sit in the floor and stare at the wheels rolling on his trains and cars for hours if I would allow him to.  His doctors had no idea what was wrong, and they couldn't give me an explanation. They wanted to blame it on his hearing so we did hearing tests that came back fine. His ear drum ruptured from multiple ear infections so they decided to put in tubes, convinced that the hearing tests weren't accurate. As a mom desperate for an answer, I agreed to the tubes.  Everything within me wanted it to be his hearing. I wanted answers. The tubes didn't help. in fact he regressed even more after the surgery. I then turned to the internet. We didn't have Facebook. I would type in his symptoms one at a time and every single blog or Youtube video that I would find, stated vaccine injury. At first, I thought it was hilarious until I kept seeing story after story. I remember sitting in my bed one night watching a mom tell her daughter's story on Youtube, knowing that I had to fly out with my job at 4 am the next morning but not caring because my eyes were opened that night. Her daughter's symptoms and regression were my son's to the T. What was amazing to hear though was that she had recovered her daughter by stopping the vaccines and starting biomedical intervention. For the first time since his regression, I felt hope. I couldn't wait to share this with my husband.I woke him up and had him watch the video. I told him that I knew it was the vaccines!  God had opened my eyes! Of course, he wasn't convinced. He made the claim that vaccines are for the greater good and he was afraid our kids would die from a horrible disease if we stopped vaccinating. We laugh about that now. We are both very thankful that God heard our prayers and opened our eyes to the TRUTH. My son is now 11 and is almost fully recovered. 

I've met many amazing parents in this journey who have similar stories as ours. I have several group chats with many of them. We chat, offer support when a child is sick, or send a link to a particular study if someone has a friend that is researching. One of those group chats had me, Maryellen, Allie, Maggie, Heather (another Heather) Alisha, Kevin and Marianne. The idea for Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccines was birthed there when Maryellen made mention of some Facebook memories reminding her of a march she had participated in several years ago. I was on board, of course! I have so many friends that are so excited to be a part of something local. Where there is a risk, there should be a choice!

Alisha Pauwell

Co-Founder & National Admin


SAHM/Home-school Teacher  

Hello my name is Alisha and I am 28 years young, I am currently a stay at home mother to four beautiful children; Alex (9) Jeremiah (4) Zachary (2) and Tamsen (1). I home-school my oldest boy and plan to with my others as well.   

I have been speaking out about vaccine injury awareness for about 2 years now (Thanks to my co-admins and family for helping me find my strength and voice!)  and have been gathering knowledge on the subject for about 5-6 years now. I was injured after the trio of Gardisil, unfortunately I had no idea at the time... about 2 months after my third shot I got an abnormal pap, pre-cervical cancer cells and that shocked my whole world. I had 4 biopsies and finally a leap procedure after it very quickly turned cancerous. I was told I would most likely not have anymore children (I had one at the time), I told them, watch me! I didn’t quite catch that it was an injury just then but once I became more aware of the dangers I put 2 and 2 together as my best friend went through the exact same thing at the same time as I did because we went and got our shots together.

My mother only allowed me to receive a couple vaccinations as a child, I did have chicken pox and I survived it!  My son Alex is the only one of my children UTD on vaccinations. When he started to regress, I started to research. From there I put my whole heart and soul into finding out everything humanly possible that was available to me, discussed it with my husband, and we chose not to vaccinate our other children.  

I’m very lucky to have found my family! These amazing people showed me how to speak out and with that I have personally helped many people get informed! We all agree that stripping us and our children of their medical freedoms, which is in fact our constitutional right, is 100% not going to happen if we have anything to say about it! The government is trying to silence us, to censor us, but we will not stand down, we will get up and we will fight to protect our babies from these vaccines! We will protect our children! 

Will you stand with us and help protect all of our medical freedom? Weather you’re ex, pro, anti or you are undecided it comes down to our constitutional rights being protected. Why should the government have a say if my children can enjoy a public library or play baseball or get a public education, which is their right as a US citizen? We live in a free country and we will do everything we can to show that we will not back down an we are marching nationwide to keep our freedoms intact!


Together Allie, Maggie, Heather, Maryellen, Heather and myself created #MMAMV; Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination! We are a family and we welcome you all to join us! We will support you and stand by you just as we do for each other. These beautiful people are my best friends and I’m so glad I found them along my journey.   So let’s all stand up and get out in our communities on August 31st and show them we will not back down! Let us voice our opposition on vaccine mandates because when there is risk there must be a choice! Let’s inform those who want it and show them we will not let them fear monger us into submission! I can’t wait to see all of you stand up and fight for our rights!

Kevin Tuttle

National Admin


Account Executive 

I’m a father of two unvaccinated kids who are extremely healthy, smart, talented, and caring. My daughter is 11 years old and my son is 9 years old. The reason I’m in this movement is for them. While vaccines have been available and “mandated” for school attendance, etc., since long before they were born, the recent vitriol over the last couple of years toward those of us who choose not to vaccinate has propelled me to no longer stay silent on the subject.

I believe it was in October of 2018 that I posted my first “antivax” comment on FB in regards to the flu vaccine propaganda that I started to see all over the news. I was immediately attacked by several people asking me if I don’t believe in vaccines or if I’m only talking about the flu vaccine, why don’t I trust science, I should care for my kids better, and that sort of thing. Well, it angered me that people were so against my parental rights to decide how I want to raise my kids that I started talking openly about it. And I started to really educate myself about the subject, which has been fascinating to learn about the history and current misinformation main stream media and the medical complex uses to frighten people into vaccinating.

When I was in the Air Force, I fought for this country because I believed in protecting our rights. I love this country and the Constitution grants us our freedoms and rights, but only if someone stands up for it. I wasn’t going to sit idle and let a foreign entity take our freedoms from us. Sadly, however, our own government is attempting to take those protected freedoms from us by silencing freedom of speech on social media and other platforms, allowing propaganda to sway our collective minds, and by providing Pharma free reign over our bodies. I won’t sit idly by now and let that happen.

I got involved with the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccines shortly after the inception of it when Allie, Maryellen and Maggie, all of whom I’ve known since I first started speaking out about the dangers of vaccines, asked me to join them. When they explained their vision of the event, it was immediately clear to me that this is something our movement should partake in. It’s a free event that allows families or individuals to voice their opposition to mandatory vaccination. It’s an opportunity for many folks to get out from behind their keyboards and in front of people, en masse, to demonstrate together in unity. 

Personally, because I’m just now starting to get my legs under me in this fight, I haven’t had the confidence to meet with my political representatives or seek out other ways to make a difference. I feel many folks probably feel that way, so a march is a way to bring everyone together. I’ve attended the Wisconsin United For Freedom rally in Madison in May and had a hand, albeit a minor role, in the planning of the event. Additionally, I recently spoke in opposition at a Wisconsin Department of Health hearing in which they want to add the meningitis vaccine to the schedule. I look forward to doing more of these events and meeting with my representatives soon, as well.

I’m not a doctor. I’m not a nurse. I’m not a scientist. I’m not a politician. But I am a dad who wants to protect his children. And I won’t stop fighting for them.